CSR policy

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Priority issues focused on 3 dimensions


Economic responsibility

Absyss is committed to responsible governance at all levels of its organization and its management. To ensure its sustainability, Absyss works with all of its stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, partners, subcontractors, etc., to establish an ethical and durable relationship. This is expressed, for example, through transparency, support for local businesses, payment of bills within the legal time limits, etc.

The protection and security of personal information are also central concerns for Absyss in order to ensure a reliable and sustainable ecosystem.


Social responsibility

Absyss is committed to building and defending an equitable society consistent with the values of the company and of the different stakeholders. Diversity, equal opportunity, equal pay and talent development are key concerns in the company.

Absyss also strives to promote personal initiatives to enhance the well-being of employees and support the associations rooted in our local communities.


Environmental responsibility

Absyss is committed in all of its day-to-day practices to reducing the carbon footprint of its activities and to using resources responsibly. Reducing the company’s waste has always been part of our DNA: recycling of electronic equipment (D3E), energy efficient lighting, Green Energy, insulation and temperature control in the premises, incentivizing mobility decarbonization, etc.

Employees are sensitized to the environmental stakes and participate actively in these efforts.

These 3 dimensions are central to Absyss’s approach to a balanced, controlled, responsible and sustainable CSR policy.