Automate and orchestrate your IT processes to accelerate your business

Visual TOM – leading On-prem or SaaS platform for IT process automation, dedicated to job scheduling and orchestration – from in-house datacenter with legacy to hybrid and cloud.

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Gain efficiency, predictability and evolutivity

Automation and Orchestration through a single platform ensures a centralized vision and control over IT operations, secures and straightens executions, improve agility and quality of service to end users.

Reduce your cost via operational intelligence and support your growing IT environment complexity, including Cloud-native infrastructure, Edge, IoT, Big Data …

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End-to-end orchestration

Visual TOM integrates and drives numerous applications and systems to plan, orchestrate and synchronize the execution of IT tasks and business application tasks.

Windows – Linux – Unix – IBMi – IBMz – ERP – BI – BigData – MFT – ETL – Databases – ITSM – Backups – CI/CD – Provisionning – Azure – AWS – Vmware – Docker – Kubernetes – WebServices …

Visual TOM platform strengths

Centralized Automation
  • Centralized control and monitoring of in-progress workloads
  • Centralized management of execution plans and component updates

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Quick & Graphical Design “Low-code”
  • Graphical designer with drag-and-drop to gain time
  • Easily craft workloads that spreads across systems and applications from a single point
  • Built-in promotion and approval mechanism for batch updates (Dev > Test > Prod)

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Dynamic and Event-driven Automation
  • Event-driven Orchestration to address real-time needs
  • Modern dynamic plan mechanism to monitor daily executions
  • Plan and apply temporary changes to handle exceptions on specific timeframes

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Notification, Escalation and Acknowledgement
  • Alert on events: email/SMS/Whatsapp/Teams/Slack…
  • Notification escalation and acknowledgement to manage on-call

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Amplified DevOps benefits
  • Integrate CI/CD pipelines to synchronize deliveries and minimize service interruptions
  • Benefit from REST APIs to communicate
  • Leverage Automation as Code wherever necessary

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Self-Service user autonomy
  • Free up IT from daily low value user requests
  • Give users autonomy under IT’s control
  • Trigger workloads from a web portal, thought out for end-users

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Dashboards, Ops and Business Users
  • Build and publish customized dashboards
  • Provide visibility to Ops and/or Business users

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SmartView, control on-the-go
  • Follow up your critical processes wherever you are

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Customer benefits


Reduce costs


Gain efficiency


Secure your processes


Accelerate your business

Solution Migration/Transition

Need to modernize you automation solution? We successfully managed dozens of migration projects from other products. Our expert team supports you in migrating your solution in complete safety.

Pricing & offer

Visual TOM is available through several options to best meet your requirements: On-prem | SaaS.

3 editions:

  • Starter

  • Performance

  • Ultimate