Our engagements

Absyss develops value through sustainable engagements aimed to improve its global organization on multiple levels.

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Absyss promotes collaborators’ personal initiatives and highlights professional and personal teams’ fulfilment. Equality, respect and diversity are capital values developed in the enterprise.

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Absyss collaborates with adapted business and develops partnerships with Eco-responsible companies committed to sustainable development.

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Absyss is strongly engaged in improving actions to reduce its ecological footprints. Company employees are sensitized to good practices in terms of energy saving, recycling, circular economy, electronical and electric wastes. Trusted partners are selected to guarantee a responsible approach for the various purchases of the enterprise.

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Gouvernance corporate

Richard RAULIC, CEO of Absyss is committed to maintain a responsible governance at all organization’s levels to guarantee its sustainability. A particular attention is paid to personal data protection managed by the different services of Absyss.

Absyss is a membership of Planet Tech’Care,
for a responsible digital