Reduce operational risks and drive IT/Business performance

Ensure adequacy between IT ops deliveries and business expectations by measuring the value stream with Visual BAM.

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Observability to serve IT and business lines

Visual BAM – an operational intelligence solution, dedicated to IT/Business performance – provides real-time KPIs via synthetic dashboards and action-triggers based upon business rules to notify users or act on drifts.

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Why choosing Visual BAM?

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Visual & adaptable

  • Graphical KPIs
  • Customized dashboards
  • Monitoring
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Industrialized KPIs

  • Easy setup of rules for data collection and interpretation
  • Advanced planification
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IT Ops Integration

  • Communicate with any IT components
  • Noninvasive
  • Compliant with security protocols

Customer benefits


Measure and follow key point indicators of your critical business processes


Reduce operational risks


Trigger corrective actions at a proactive fashion


Encourage collaboration, communication between IT and lines of business

Visual BAM strengths

  • Value stream centralized “supervisor”
  • Aligns IT and Business on agreed KPIs
  • Ease communication and agility on drifts
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